Another aspect of the WVAA's art-related educational programs are the yearly trips planned to such places as the Art Institute of Chicago and the Barnsite Art Studio and Gallery of Kewaunee.

Members are encouraged to email their ideas and suggestions for the annual bus trip.


The Spring Awards Banquet (including Artist of the Year) is held the third Thursday in May. It replaces the May meeting. This is an evening of celebration and socializing for members and their guests. All information is found in the March and April newsletters. ...more info on Spring Awards Banquet

The “Artist of the Year” is a member in good standing that is nominated by the membership. The nominee must have five years of continuous membership, community involvement and be a current or past Art in the Park chairman, coordinator or officer. The nominee should be involved in educational projects. ...more info on Artist of the Year

Wisconsin Regional Artists Program (WRAP) Show

Art in the Park is located in Marathon Park in Wausau, WI in the historic Exhibition Building and East Gate Hall. Art in the Park is an integral part of Wausau’s Artrageous Weekend, which also includes the Festival of Arts in downtown Wausau and the Birds in Art at the Woodson Art Museum. Wausau’s Artrageous Weekend is an established event held on the first weekend after Labor Day. ...more info on WVAA Art in the Park

The Art in the Park Committee offers a booth to the WVAA Membership; enabling them to sell their original artwork. This allows the membership to save on financial and time commitments of purchasing a booth, having enough stock to fill the booth and manning the booth. The Membership Show is part of Art in the Park, in the East Gate Hall in Marathon Park. ...more info on Membership Show

Memorial Show

WHAT IS A WVAA PURCHASE AWARD? The Christmas Party, The Festival of Trees and the Spring Banquet Committees have budgeted funds to purchase merchandise from Art in the Park Exhibitors each year. A large purple and white ribbon labeled Wisconsin Valley Art Association Art in the Park Purchase Award and a check for the amount of the purchase signifies the” Purchase Award”. Chairperson of each committee selects the merchandise that fit their themes and their budgets and then notifies the Treasurer to write the checks. The Chairperson presents the ribbon and check to the exhibitor. ...more info on Purchase Awards

The annual Christmas Party, held in place of the December meeting, is for all members and their guest. It is a time to relax, socialize, share a holiday meal and celebrate the volunteerism of the group. There is a $5.00 gift exchange. Gifts purchased from the Art in the Park are also awarded to the members. ...more info on Christmas Party